Most companies don’t realize that they have data quality issues until it’s too late. Bad data is often uncovered as a result of loss in revenue or business due to the integrity of the data. In fact, in a 2013 Gartner study, 36% of participants estimated they’re losing more than $1 million annually due to [...]
Working Together
Working together as a team can bring about challenges, especially in the cloud when people are often remote and not in the same local space. There are many factors leadership can take into consideration to drive positive behaviors in building a lasting culture. What motivates leaders to take a risk, to walk out on a ledge, [...]
Unleashing the Power of Salesforce

Cloud Co-Op shared with CIOs how employing Salesforce’s cloud security, connected environments, suite of business success applications, and platform to build and create critical customized solutions can level the playing field of businesses in whatever stage–whether starting enterprises, companies powering up and innovating, or Enterprise-level companies scaling for growth and increased productivity.

Vets2Cloud at Dreamforce

Developed from his own experience as a veteran, founder, and CEO David Franklin’s mission is to create a Co-Op of Salesforce professionals under one umbrella. Vets2Cloud gives veterans a start in the essential work of a Salesforce administrator, business analyst or project manager. Vets2Cloud accepts veterans who have completed Salesforce training and certification, which is free in the VetForce program, and then coaches and provides them with work.

Salesforce Growth Strategies When is the right time to address Salesforce Growth Strategies and how is that defined for your business? For the Emerging Small Business (ESB) or Start-Ups that jockey for space in incubators or co-share environments, one thing is certain. Their business should be in the cloud not under a desk. The ESB […]

Sales Pipeline Management from a Rep’s Perspective by Cara Hogan As a sales rep, you’ll often hear your manager talking about managing the sales pipeline – adding new opportunities, closing out old opportunities, and tracking conversion rates to improve the team’s performance. Many sales reps believe their job is all about selling and doesn’t have […]

The Yellow Brick Road to Dreamforce We are off to see the Wizard the Wonderful Wizard of……Dreamforce! That’s right, it is that time again and Salesforce is hosting another Dreamforce conference. Registrations are open, hotels are booked, and Dreamforce Gala is planned. Who is this all for?  Our precious Dorothy, the Salesforce Admin. We are […]

A Spooky Salesforce Environment Boo! Is your Salesforce environment spooktacular or spectacular? Did you earn your Trailhead spooktacular badge to keep you safe? It’s Halloween so let’s talk about the Spooky aspects of Salesforce. This is scary, so be forewarned as you may not know what is happening inside of your Salesforce environment. Here are five areas [...]