Salesforce Growth Strategies When is the right time to address Salesforce Growth Strategies and how is that defined for your business? For the Emerging Small Business (ESB) or Start-Ups that jockey for space in incubators or co-share environments, one thing is certain. Their business should be in the cloud not under a desk. The ESB […]

Sales Pipeline Management from a Rep’s Perspective by Cara Hogan As a sales rep, you’ll often hear your manager talking about managing the sales pipeline – adding new opportunities, closing out old opportunities, and tracking conversion rates to improve the team’s performance. Many sales reps believe their job is all about selling and doesn’t have […]

The Yellow Brick Road to Dreamforce We are off to see the Wizard the Wonderful Wizard of……Dreamforce! That’s right, it is that time again and Salesforce is hosting another Dreamforce conference. Registrations are open, hotels are booked, and Dreamforce Gala is planned. Who is this all for?  Our precious Dorothy, the Salesforce Admin. We are […]

A Spooky Salesforce Environment Boo! Is your Salesforce environment spooktacular or spectacular? Did you earn your Trailhead spooktacular badge to keep you safe? It’s Halloween so let’s talk about the Spooky aspects of Salesforce. This is scary, so be forewarned as you may not know what is happening inside of your Salesforce environment. Here are five areas [...]
Salesforce Winter 16 Release 24 Hours That Will Change Your Cloud If you’ve seen the series 24, you are aware of Jack Bauer--played by Kiefer Sutherland--and his efforts to protect America from terrorism plots while working at the fictional Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) in Los Angeles. Salesforce Winter 16 Release is rolling out around the globe [...]

Salesforce Enterprise Edition I occasionally find myself in meetings where a prospect is evaluating Salesforce. Cost comes up, and they bring up another competitor that is less expensive, or in some cases just plain cheap.  I wanted to investigate this more and understand what the purchaser is looking at, or identify what they are not […]

Salesforce Admin Out of Office Tips to manage the business from Dreamforce. I just received the “Salesforce Admin Out of Office” auto reply…….HEEEEEEELLLLPPPP! 10 Days and the all the preparation you did for Dreamforce ends and you will then experience 4 days of learning, walking, networking, walking, excitement, walking, parties, walking and just a little […]

15 Aug 2015

Salesforce Trifecta

Salesforce Trifecta, Place your bets. In today’s market the prospect has three options when moving to the Cloud, a Salesforce Trifecta if you will to choose from. These three “Jockeys” are riding very strong horses but which one will come out on top and how do they rank? So who did you bet on? Are […]

Image Credit: Melo Minds Building Your Dreamforce Agenda The Salesforce event we’ve been waiting for is rapidly approaching and we are about to reach another milestone to this important event, the release of the Dreamforce Agenda builder. We are within hours of preparing for the largest event of the year. Will you succumb to the [...]