Salesforce Admin Out of Office Tips to manage the business from Dreamforce. I just received the “Salesforce Admin Out of Office” auto reply…….HEEEEEEELLLLPPPP! 10 Days and the all the preparation you did for Dreamforce ends and you will then experience 4 days of learning, walking, networking, walking, excitement, walking, parties, walking and just a little […]

15 Aug 2015

Salesforce Trifecta

Salesforce Trifecta, Place your bets. In today’s market the prospect has three options when moving to the Cloud, a Salesforce Trifecta if you will to choose from. These three “Jockeys” are riding very strong horses but which one will come out on top and how do they rank? So who did you bet on? Are […]

Image Credit: Melo Minds Building Your Dreamforce Agenda The Salesforce event we’ve been waiting for is rapidly approaching and we are about to reach another milestone to this important event, the release of the Dreamforce Agenda builder. We are within hours of preparing for the largest event of the year. Will you succumb to the [...]

Salesforce Communities, This Is Heavy As technology continues to grow and corporations adopt and evolves so does the products that support them. In recent conversations, I spoken to prospects about Salesforce Communities and it made me think of the changes that have occurred over the years. Thirty years ago, Michael J. Fox stared as Marty […]

Salesforce beyond CRM In the Salesforce ecosystem you often hear the acronym ROI or Return on Investment. This term is associated with the expectation that a company’s purchase of Salesforce will net a positive return. There are many factors that attribute to this success which we have spoken about before, like Governance and Adoption are […]

Salesforce License Cost, a Seller’s Market Moving your business into the cloud or buying a house? These markets are comparable and we will share 3 important factors in making your decision. You have to understand the initial investment, what features move your wallet and what the maintenance cost are may experience. Every day an emerging [...]

The Salesforce Admin, Sandra Bullock and The Blind Side The Blind Side staring Sandra Bullock, provides us with a concept we need to review with the Salesforce Admin, The Blind Side. Another common example would be a driver’s blind spot. This is that mysteries section that is so close to you that you can touch […]

Overlooked Salesforce ROI – 5 Areas of Improvement Often times we see organizations that need to improve their Salesforce ROI. They need of help. Regardless of size (ESB, SMB, Enterprise) or the revenue they generate as a company they don’t understand how to create value and quantify Salesforce ROI. Your purchase price or cloud cost […]

15 Salesforce Release Features Salesforce Release occurs 3 times a year, your admin needs to absorb these features to maintain ROI and drive adoption with your users. You can’t afford to miss the importance of these benefits provided to your organization. The Summer 15 Salesforce Release Notes could be the largest we’ve seen in 9 […]