3 Reasons You Should Not Use Salesforce

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Salesforce

Do you use Salesforce or another CRM? Companies are faced with several options when it comes to Cloud Computing for their CRM. This is not a decision one should take lightly or change often. The CRM application can be very disruptive to a business so managing change is critical to its success.

At the rate of technology today it would appear easy to recover in your initial selection or adopt a new application or platform but it is very difficult and a costly process to the business machine and culture of your employees.

Yes, the grass is greener on the other side but you have your own grass and when you don’t nurture it then it doesn’t matter where you are standing, the perception will always be negative. So before you jump please consider these 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Salesforce.

We need to evaluate the INITIAL INVESTMENT verses the COST OF CHANGE and the IMPACT OF INNOVATION verses the IMPACT OF CHANGE and how you ADOPT CHANGE which is constant.

The Initial investment cost not the Total Cost of Ownership associated with how you use Salesforce can be expensive if you don’t understand their options. If you decide to drop Salesforce then the Cost of Change for another solution will be cheaper mainly because a competitor wants to knock out the competition. These cost can often increase after the first year and you have to ensure you compare Apples to Apples which is extremely hard to do at this level of CRM. The migration away from Salesforce is an easy decision for a budget minded executive as they value cost over technology. You should not use Salesforce because of cost. You should use Salesforce because you are investing in your employees.

Cost of Innovation refers to the provider (Salesforce) and their eco-system (AppExchange) build new features and new offer ideas that bring stability, growth and value to your platform. Let’s example the car industry for a minute.

Some car manufactures have learned this lesson, maybe Salesforce has too. When you bake in the price of maintenance, features, and upgrades the initial price will be higher but you ensure a better customer experience, greater loyalty and value for your vehicle.  This is why you don’t see certain brands broken down on the side of the road. Why? Because their owner of the car has no cost associated with maintenance and it is easier and less stressful for them to make the trip in. In the same notion regarding Impact of Change, It is a challenge and burdensome at times for the owner to schedule the maintenance although routine because it impacts their budget and can be unexpected. In return, the car’s value drops, you see them broken down and the customer loyalty drops.

You should not use Salesforce because of its innovation. It sounds crazy because we all crave the latest and greatest tech accessory. You use Salesforce because it enables your team to excel at their positions. Salesforce demands your attention to be more creative and explore new ideas within your company.

Lastly is Change Management which Salesforce provides 3 major releases a year so you have to be ready to accept and adopt updates at a rapid pace. How much change a company or its employees can absorb is critical to your success. Change management should be incorporated into the business already. Change requires EFFORT and DISCIPLINE. When you fail to establish this as a principle foundation of your business then the Efforts of Change are costly, timely and disruptive.

Lastly, all of its changes they give you is the 3rd Reason You Should Not Use Salesforce. You should use Salesforce and I think this is the most important factor. COMMUNITY! Salesforce boast a growing user community that’s over 1.6 million strong. This is not their total active licenses sold either. These are the net promoters who engage beyond their own company to share code, promote ideas and support each other’s initiatives. The Salesforce User Groups, Industry Groups, Developer Groups, Girly Geeks and MVP’s are hands down the reason why you should use Salesforce. Find your voice here @ success.salesforce.com. Outside of that, the rest is up to you. You can also review CRM’s Software Review 2015 Best.