What’s in your Cloud?

What is in your cloud?

We’ve grown up with familiar saying like these noted below and maybe we’ve accepted them or simply dismissed them. They can be enjoyable to hear or remember as a flashback to something your parents or grandparents told you as a child.

“You are what you eat”
“You are what you read”
“You are what you think”
“You are what you do”
“You are what you are”

The times have changed and although these quotes are embedded into our memories, technology is always evolving so why not consider what is in your cloud? There are many factors to consider when implementing Salesforce for your business. Every department and every user has their own view of the world and what they need of an application and business improvements. Here are 5 critical areas to govern your decision, implementation and adoption of Salesforce CRM.

what's in your cloud

What’s in your cloud?

1. Understand who needs access to which part of the system. Establish roles and profiles that govern your data security model.
2. Establish a cross functional core team which includes executive sponsor, business roles and end users to manage change/feature request and quarter updates.
3. Publishing changes in a hurry. Sure you can design, create and publish fast but you need to take into consideration how your organization can absorb change.
4. Focus on Adoption not on price. Driving adoption with named users. If they are working on task outside of the platform then figure out how to bring them in so they maximize their usage. Afterwards, you can drive new licenses other departments
5. Implement a data module with validation rules and duplication tools. Keep the system clean and correct bad behavior.

As an added bonus and for those of us that may remember this Saturday morning “Time for Timer”, remember, “you are what you eat!”: