Overlooked Salesforce ROI

Overlooked Salesforce ROI – 5 Areas of Improvement

Often times we see organizations that need to improve their Salesforce ROI. They need of help. Regardless of size (ESB, SMB, Enterprise) or the revenue they generate as a company they don’t understand how to create value and quantify Salesforce ROI. Your purchase price or cloud cost per user is not going down unless you extend your term or increase your users. You direction is simple, drive adoption.

Every system is unique but there are fundamental areas frequently overlooked that when implemented will directly increase your Salesforce ROI. Some of these are performance feature and others are performance issues.

Salesforce ROI, Performance Features

Duplicate Checker, this was recently released in Spring 15 and would be easily skipped over if you don’t have a routine of reading 250+ pages of release notes. If will not correct existing duplications but once enabled you can prevent new duplications from occurring. Increase your productivity and ensure cleaner business intelligence by preventing duplication. Clean and accurate data is one of the most important things you can do. This is a great step forward to helping establish your Salesforce ROI. You may mature into more advance tools which can easily be found on the AppExchange.

Bucket Fields to Reports, this is often replaced by bulky tools to solve a problem Salesforce is ready to handle. It is powerful and can solve your reporting problems with Numeric, Picklist or Text but has gone unnoticed. Group data on-demand without creating formula fields. Bucketing allows you to sort metrics into levels and nested categories by crosslinking multiple fields and record types with simple filtering rules. Watch this video to learn more. Salesforce ROI is built on value not price. When you create Buckets you establish real-time intelligence grouping you may overlook in a standard report.

Stay-in Touch is a feature that allows you to keep your data up-to-date with Contacts. You even have an option to perform a Mass Stay-in Touch similar to a mass email within Salesforce. Stay-in Touch helps you keep your information current and gives your Contact an opportunity to provide any changes with their contact information that you didn’t initially capture on your Web2Lead or registration form. Ensure you have your email signature setup as it will be applied to the request. This is a good practice to implement when the lead is converted and after you had your first call and during the customer life-cycle. Simplify Salesforce ROI with Stay-In Touch and increase your contact touches.

Field History Tracking allows you to track up to 20 fields on standard or custom objects for reporting and is viewable in the related list section on the respected object. This historical data is retained for 18 months. Additionally, you can increase the field history value with the purchase of the Field Audit Trail add-on which will increase your retention time as well. Once enabled, Field History reports can be generated to show historical values: change owner, stage/status changes, who made the change and when. Again, we are covering basic features that are provided but often not utilized. In most cases the AppExchange will provide enhanced tools like Historical Rep Notes. This is not BI, this is audit and control measured that protect your Salesforce ROI with valuable change control reporting.

Salesforce ROI, Performance Issue

Manage by example, in order to illustrate Salesforce ROI the leadership needs to lead by example. This is not a “Do as I say, not as I do”. If you want ROI then you need to trickle down your interest in what the company has invested in. Expect results and drive meetings from your dashboard. Yes, login, show the dashboard and drill down into a report and talk about the business. Most CEO’s only use 5-10 reports to run their business. Salesforce is Mobile, Dynamic and Real-time. Ensure accountability through visibility. Have your manager’s coach within the tool, monitor performance and log notes to help their team become more successful. You will never know the pain of a user until you become a user.

As for the administrator, please use cases to document your work. Log cases from calls and email and establish some data around your involvement in keeping the machine going. You will identify training issue which will increase adoption, you will isolate problem behavior quicker and this in return will ensure Salesforce ROI because you are using the tool to resolve itself.

There are many areas that you can look at to improve your Salesforce ROI, these are just 5 areas that related to performance. We hope you continue to improve on these areas and measure the success by all users. Adoption is more than logging in, it is creating value that drives business investments forward.