Salesforce beyond CRM

Salesforce beyond CRM

In the Salesforce ecosystem you often hear the acronym ROI or Return on Investment. This term is associated with Salesforce beyond CRMthe expectation that a company’s purchase of Salesforce will net a positive return. There are many factors that attribute to this success which we have spoken about before, like Governance and Adoption are a couple. The focus of this term is placed on Salesforce Sales activity of a company’s product or services verses the cost of Salesforce licenses.

A second acronym we like to share with our clients is ROR or Return on Relationship termed by Ted Rubin. This term is brought to life when a company can attribute growth through customer advocacy. Here the company’s client on their own behalf promotes and refers your product or services within their own community. They may blog about your customer service, product features or how your company’s value add has made their life more enjoyable. A visualization of Net Promoter Score (NPS) by metrics and actions you can see from outside influencers.

We will limit our talk about Sales and Service acronym’s now and with the belief you have a modest view of Salesforce as a CRM application who happens to be the Most Innovative Company several years running now as cited by Forbes, we will not explain CRM.

We want to talk about Salesforce beyond CRM and the impact of ROI and ROR.

Pledge 1% became known to use through executive Marc Benioff during a Salesforce Dreamforce Conference. He explained how Salesforce will share 1% Equity, 1% Time and 1% Product as part of their corporate philanthropy (1/1/1). This was amazing to hear and over the years in working alongside various Salesforce employees you often hear them talk about this character of the company and how they are able to give back and that was exciting too.

It is easy for any level of Salesforce partner (SI or ISV) to sit back and consume the benefits of their relationship with the mega-giant software provider and never conceptualize the meaning of their relationship with Salesforce before CRM.

This week, we started looking at gratitude as we received notification about Oprah & Deepak’s 21 Day of Meditation called Manifesting Grace through Gratitude. This free event hasn’t started yet but it made us conscience of our surrounding and to whom we should show gratitude towards. Keeping within the theme of our blog, it was easy to point out Salesforce and how they model for so many companies to replicate the mission of 1/1/1.

We thought, what has Salesforce invested in us as a firm, our corporate knowledge and professional training? Where is their Return on Investment within this amazing community? It goes beyond servicing their clients with our own paid services or products. Where is the measurable Return on Relationship that we can attribute back because we have been influenced by their good corporate behavior?

It is in these thoughts that we’ve decided to follow Salesforce and many others down the road of Pledge 1%. Cloud Co-op is excited to announce that we have joined the @Pledge1% movement with a commitment to pledge 1% of profit and time to charitable causes in our community.

We want to encourage you today. Individuals and companies can go to to learn more about how to create a culture of giving through resources, case studies, and best practices. Visitors can also pledge equity, employee time and/or product directly on the website. Pledge 1% facilitates making an equity pledge easy to implement, connects companies with local resources to empower employee engagement programs, and helps companies to further define and respond to community needs.

This is only one area that we can examine Salesforce beyond CRM but I am sure there are more. Salesforce doesn’t require their partners to join the Pledge 1% model and it has taken us some time to come to this awareness ourselves. Becoming more conscience and knowing we can help puts a new meaning on our internal ROI and ROR definitions. Now, our success is tied to our local community and that is an amazing feeling.

Our Pledge 1% motto, “Plant seeds to grow where you live so others can benefit from you being there.”