Salesforce for Small Business

4 Small Businesses that Changed the Game with Salesforce

Life as a small business is exciting, thrilling, and terrifying. You’ve created a dream and are pushing to make it a reality each day. If you want to keep building yourself up, then you need all the help you can get. That’s where CRM software like Salesforce comes into play. Your initial reaction might be that something like Salesforce is only for big companies, but it can have a huge impact on your business, no matter your size.

I’ll prove it to you. Here’s 4 small businesses that have used Salesforce to take themselves to the next level.

Zero Motorcycles

Small Business

Zero Motorcycles is the “Tesla of motorcycles” and is pushing to surpass gas-powered bikes in every way with electric ones. They started off with a great product and hit the market running, but they struggled to connect their departments and provide customer support. They were a high tech company that had to fax paperwork for new customers. Then they started using Salesforce. Now they’ve integrated the entire customer experience from marketing to on-the-road support. A user can press a help button on in the app and get service on the spot thank to the Community cloud.

“To be a world-class brand, everything else has to work, every other touchpoint the customer has with you has to be first class, and that is what Salesforce has enabled us to do,” said Richard Walker, CEO.


Inspirato caters to a highly select cliental by providing luxury vacations all across the world. Salesforce allowed them to easily track individual and family memberships. They’re assisted from initial inquiry through closing.

“As the company grew, we knew we needed a system that would ensure we could maintain the high level of service that is fundamental to our member experience,” said David Kallery, President of Inspirato.

Salesforce allows them to connect their different service teams at their many locations to their home office. All the information they need about their customers, from birthdays to food preferences, is accessible anywhere. That high level of instantaneous service is only possible with a tool like Salesforce.


Lending is a traditional business, but Upstart is doing it in a new way. They wanted to have a 360 degree profile when looking at individual, and provide service to millennials, who lack the typical signs of credibility. Instead, Upstart looks at college records and other data to find prime borrowers before anyone else.

They knew this plan would have impossible if they couldn’t have all their data in one place. Disparate systems would have slowed them to crawl, but with Salesforce everyone is kept up-to-date with minute-to-minute information on all their customers.

George Street Salesforce for SMB

Wedding photography is all about exceeding expectations. When renowned wedding photographer George Street Photo and Video started, they were three friends in a basement. As they started to expand they needed help keeping up. They were doing everything through Word docs, PDFs, and email.

After switching to Salesforce, they were able to handle five times more leads and weddings compared to before. They’ve also drastically reduced the time needed for prepping for customers. “Salesforce was a huge key to our growth,” says President Michelle Mantel.

Bio: Joshua Loomis is an Inbound Marketing Specialist for Cirrus Insight, a tool for integrating Salesforce and email. See more of his work on the Cirrus Insight blog.