Building Your Dreamforce Agenda

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Building Your Dreamforce Agenda

The Salesforce event we’ve been waiting for is rapidly approaching and we are about to reach another milestone to this important event, the release of the Dreamforce Agenda builder. We are within hours of preparing for the largest event of the year. Will you succumb to the hustle, flirt with overload or keep a peaceful Zen to your day. We want to outline some important strategies leading up to the Dreamforce Agenda Builder release on Monday.

Last year, I averaged 12 miles a day walking from the hotel to Dreamforce and between sessions and events. So I want to present these simple questions before you begin to help guide you when selecting which Dreamforce Agenda sessions to attend.

  • Is this a personal or a business decision? You need to understand what motivates your reason for attending a session. Is it personal growth or a new or existing business process? There can be an overlap here which is fine but we want to point out that personal development in additional to business objectives are equally important. Both bring equal value. Don’t sacrifice Dreamforce corporately without adding in some personal development along the way.
  • Existing experience or new experience? Are you trying to advance an existing skill and extending current knowledge and functionality or are you wanting to learn something different? It is important, especially for a Salesforce Admin, not to become locked into a role supporting one business unit. Challenge yourself to see Salesforce from a different perspective. If you are traditional Sales Cloud then learn something about Marketing Automation or challenge yourself to understand Service Cloud. There are underlying areas like Analytics Cloud or Platform that will always enhance your current “Cloud” position but this year try something different. Not only will you see Salesforce in a different perspective, you will meet and understand leaders in these roles and appreciate this function better. This way, you can expand your organizations usage of Salesforce cross departments.

Zenfulness Tip #1 – Download Checky, this mobile app tells you how many times you check your phone each day and where you are when you check your phone. The goal is to increase awareness and help you go longer stretches without breaking away from the present moment into your phone.

  • Are you going alone or with others? If you are with a group of people or even one other person, try not to play follow the leader. Plan out key avenues of success, divide and conquer and minimize joint Dreamforce Agenda sessions together. Look for opportunities to meet up and reconnect during the day or stay Social and chat or text but don’t limit your experience following someone around. Find your identity. From one of my favorite poets, Robert Frost writes in The Road Not Taken, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”
  • How will you define success? Keeping balance and energy is very important. It is so easy become overwhelmed with all the hype and madness of Dreamforce. When you fill out your Dreamforce Agenda keep in mind these important thoughts. ALL sessions will be posted on youtube. Don’t worry if something is on a waitlist, this is your time to REFLECT, REST and RECHARGE. Find the nearest beanbag or go outside and enjoy an hour to yourself. ATTEND keynote sessions and hear from business and personal leaders in our society. This can be a rare opportunity to participate in. Plus you are sitting down. ACCEPT the fact you can’t do everything. APPRECIATE the exhibitor hall and walk the floor looking at all the AppExchange Apps (ISV and OEM) and Partners. This is ground floor creativity here. Likewise, you have the Developer lab, training materials, personalized demos and very important in the Salesforce section the most comfortable padded carpet you will walk on during the entire week. This is stuff Titanium and Platinum partners don’t have.

Zenfulness Tip #2 –  Download Buddhify, offers guided mediations for specific times of the day. You are given meditations when you are waking up, eating, traveling, dealing with pain, trying to fall asleep and a dozen other situations.

  •  Where is my GPS? With the recent growth of Salesforce over the past few years we have experience delays, waitlist and exhaustion trying to hustle from one session to another which is not several blocks away. It is now very important to understand the logistics of sessions. You may have to leave early or not schedule Dreamforce Agenda sessions so close to each other. If this means attending 3-4 sessions a day verses 6-7 with a waitlist, burning all your energy and facing possible disappointment, then I would settle for the 3-4 session outlook.

Lastly and more of a personal note ask yourself, what will you plan that’s not part of the Dreamforce Agenda? Are you willing enough to sacrifice attending the event for one moment to help bag food for the homeless? How many people will you engage and make a connection with and not try to sell or buy something? Will you take a moment to see the Golden Gate Bridge, stroll through Chinatown or take a Streetcar ride? What does this all mean? A better you is a better person, is a better employer or employee so give back and give to yourself.

Zinfulness Tip #3 – Download Meditation Made Simple, the step by step meditation practice will help you de-stress, refocus and perfect your mindfulness techniques.  Russell Simmons guides you through your meditation journey on the road to true Zen.

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