Salesforce Trifecta

Salesforce Trifecta, Place your bets.

In today’s market the prospect has three options when moving to the Cloud, a Salesforce Trifecta if you will to choose from. These three “Jockeys” are riding very strong horses but which one will come out on top and how do they rank? So who did you bet on? Are you aware of all the options available to you to make the best decision for your business?

The first jockey, the Salesforce Account Executive. They are riding the thorough breed of them all, our Front Runner. The AE has many options to display, Platform, Professional or Enterprise Editions are common themes we see from them as they highlight Sales Cloud and Service Cloud packages. They strut with the power of creativity and innovation. Options to grow and add on new features which is backed by three major releases a year. The Salesforce AE is prime to run out fast and finish strong. There’s no limits or restrictions, only space and opportunity.

The Salesforce AE product and editions come with a various price tags but you are not only buying licenses, you are buying ownership in what you build stays with you an amazing user community, and many more items.  The one downside to that this jockey, the Salesforce AE is new each year.  As history reports, the jockey will change territories, receive promotions and move on to new clients. There’s no relationship here to rely on. Each year the client receives a new AE to manage their account.

Positive: You own what you design (the IP) – Full CRM functionality – Full regression testing – 3 Major releases a year – Amazing User Community – Access to the Consulting Partners.

Negative: New AE each February, no long term relationship with a single person.

Our next jockey into the post is the ISV Account Executive which doesn’t say much. They run in the shadows of the Salesforce AE simply because they are completely dependent upon the purchase of Salesforce for their apps to work. We see them most frequently on the AppExchange. The ISV always finishes second but makes the other options shine when purchased. The ISV apps are layered add on features, some free and some paid for but all of them need Salesforce to work.

Positive: Requires Salesforce, pre-built solutions or enhancements

Negative: Can add to your total cost of ownership

The final jockey into the race is the considered a mystery, the OEM Account Executive, poised with the Look of Eagles. They enter the race full of ambition, energy and ready to win over the world. They are familiar with the other two jockey’s and are not intimidated by their tenure in the industry. They are custom made for each race they enter into and design for a specific purpose. They live and train outside of the other Jockeys with no dependencies holding them back. The OEM has the power to determine their own price value and can boast they come from the same family of the other jockey’s as their product is built on the same Platform as the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud are. In this case, the OEM builds out an application on the Platform Edition and then they can resell it as a standalone “CRM”.

The OEM is confident because they own all the IP to any changes you request of them. They are very familiar within their market and control all aspects of their development.

Positive: Positioned to be Less Expensive, Solution Built for your Industry

Negative: Restricted CRM Functionality, Support delays due to Development Cycles, They own the IP.

And there off….the race is off to a fast pace and in typical fashion, the Salesforce jockey is out to a strong start but rates themselves around the club house turn. In a close second, we see the ISV doing some blocking of the OEM jockey as they know their race is for second.

Down the back stretch, the OEM jockey starts the shake up and makes a decisive move on price which position themselves in the lead. From a distance they appear to compare themselves equal to Salesforce Enterprise edition referencing API and Workflow capabilities at lower cost and this gives them a one pole advantage. The OEM continues to make strides in knowing this race as the industry experts.

(Note, the distinction the OEM is trying to make here is to compare Salesforce Enterprise ($125 list price) verses their manufactured list price. This however, is not Apples to Apples. The OEM is actually aligned with Salesforce Platform Edition (1:1) which comes in at $25 list price.)

As they come around the far turn, the Salesforce jockey closes the gap, tucked in behind the ISV. They begin to shake up the deal with swift calculations, feature sets and community. The race is up for grabs as they begin their stride down the home stretch, this will be a photo finish. And the winner is…………you, everytime.

Salesforce Trifecta

The prospect who placed their bet in this race always wins regardless of the horse they ride in on. The loser is only those who never enter the CLOUD to begin with. Are you tired of legacy, on premise solutions that can’t finish the race? Are you losing money because of downtimes and maintenance cost? Then place your bet on the Salesforce Trifecta as you will always come out a winner.

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