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Tips to manage the business from Dreamforce.

I just received the “Salesforce Admin Out of Office” auto reply…….HEEEEEEELLLLPPPP!

10 Days and the all the preparation you did for Dreamforce ends and you will then experience 4 days of learning, walking, networking, walking, excitement, walking, parties, walking and just a little more walking. It will be amazing, exhausting and rewarding. AppExchange companies now launch at Dreamforce, careers are established, public speaking fears are overcome and you get to mingle with people from across the globe. So ask yourself the question, who is managing your Salesforce org, integrations and maybe worse the Salesforce users in their absence?

As the Salesforce Admin, you’ve waited all year to attend this massive event. You worked hard and you deserve it. Maybe this is your first time or you’ve attended more than once. We want to share with you some tips you can execute in the next 10 days to prepare your company of your absence.

  1. Communicate – establish your office hours. Yes, you are at Dreamforce but this is not vacation, this conference is work (with some play too). As a Salesforce Admin, you are attending Dreamforce to better yourself and your company but in some cases the company mission can come first. Remember, Dreamforce sessions will be posted on YouTube so avoid the stress if something comes up. Step out and handle your business. Stay mindful of where you are and that the situation will be over and you can return to Dreamforce activities.

If you want to have fun with this then create 3-4 email templates and some workflows. Here are some subject lines that might be useful but make it your own and have fun.

  • First message – I Miss You Already: tell the users, as their Salesforce Admin you will be gone. Don’t go MIA. Explain to them the benefits of Dreamforce and how they can watch keynote sessions remotely and feel apart of your excitement. Also, ask them if there’s anything of interest to them you could learn and bring back
  • Second message – Living the Dream-force Experience: as the Salesforce Admin, communication is key. You have your agenda so let them know your session schedule. They will be less likely to call, chat or email. Give them a reminder to open a case and that it will be handled in a timely manner.
  • Third message – You All Rock: as the Salesforce Admin, you have the opportunity to encourage and reinforce positive behaviors with your users. In the spirit of rocking out to the Foo Fighters, you need to remind the users they are great at what they do, send them a you rock too email. Remember, you are providing a service to them because they are performing a role within the same organization.
  • Fourth message – Thank you for your patience: The Salesforce Admin is grateful. Think of this as a personal note you draft upon your return that highlights what you learned and experienced. When you fan the smoke, flames will appear. Keep the excitement going, express your thanks in your absence, their support and it will be contagious. Don’t think you are returning to someplace dreadful. If you are, then you are not at the right company and you are limiting your career. Go back and stir up the team and supercharge the weekly routine with some of the new ideas or maybe a lunch and learn.
  1. Set Expectations – explain to them you may not be as responsive as you normally are. This is fine and they will appreciate the honestly upfront. Let them know you will receive their request and if critical the best method to reach you or a co-worker. This is also an important area to identify methods of communication which reinforces Tip 1. Think of this as an internal Service Level Agreement (SLA). This could be an interesting topic for some. At my second Dreamforce, I was able to present and spoke on Project Management Skills for the Salesforce Admin and how to internalize Cases. If you are a Service Cloud Salesforce Admin then you know this concept and is something we need to share later with the Sales Cloud Admin.
  1. Delegate Responsibility – If you have a Jr. Salesforce Admin, Developer, or Manager that is not attending Dreamforce then you should work out the details of how they can support you and responde to questions while you are out. Another novel idea is to identify key people within the business units you support and have a key member take on the task of fielding questions while you are out. If you don’t have this in place now then consider the value of having these floor generals to buffer questions for you. When given more responsibilities, the leaders will rise up and see the importance of what you’re doing. They will want to help in creating a better organization that isn’t self-serving and it provides everyone an opportunity to be successful working as a team. A term used in sports is “NEXT UP” and hopefully, you’ve been and can start mentoring your co-workers and team leads to manage in your absence to take on this responsibility.
  1. Touch base – a Salesforce Admin should check-in with their co-workers and not disappear. It is great to send the emails as listed above, the users will not expect this. However, I challenge you to be mindful of all that is happening, stop for a couple minutes and call someone who you report to, support and work with. Attending Dreamforce is a special opportunity for you to receive a wealth of information and when you take a moment and appreciate your support and company who sent you personally, then that will go a long way in your career.

If you don’t have the best environment to support your success while attending Dreamforce then consider this last tip: Connect and Strategize. As the Salesforce Admin you have to be prepared and your company needs to keep moving forward. Dreamforce is one week where you will be away and throughout the year you have PTO, holidays and maybe off-site team builders.

Life happens and you need to enjoy it and establish your career. Cloud Co-Op is a national Salesforce Consulting Firm that specializes in supporting the Salesforce Admin and strengthening organizations for growth. We know how to compliment the Salesforce Admin and not compete with them. During this time of the year, during those special dates or maybe taking on huge projects where you may need support. The Salesforce Admin will benefit from a trusted advisor and mentor like Cloud Co-Op.

Over the next 10 days I welcome you to reach out to us. We will explain to you how you can benefit from our Cloud Concierge program by making a strategic connection with Cloud Co-Op. We can help monitor and support you while you are attending Dreamforce and help nurture your career at the same time.

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