A Spooky Salesforce Environment

Spooky Salesforce Environment

Boo! Is your Salesforce environment spooktacular or spectacular? Did you earn your Trailhead spooktacular badge to keep you safe? It’s Halloween so let’s talk about the Spooky aspects of Salesforce. This is scary, so be forewarned as you may not know what is happening inside of your Salesforce environment. Here are five areas your Salesforce environment is moving toward a creepy Spooky Hollow future. Enjoy the treats

The Haunted House, Un-necessary fields on a page layout – this is very bad as it will torment your users and drive down adoption. This creates wasted space and makes the page “heavy” and long and creepy. You need to periodically take out the trash as over time fields are created and may not be associated to a business process. Treat: Install Field Trip from the AppExchange and identify what fields you can remove.

Zombies, Too many administrators – we’ve seen Salesforce environments where the entire company had administrative permissions and companies with over 20 admins, this is super scary. Maybe you have heard the expression too many cooks in the kitchen. Well the same is true here. Having Administrative Permission and having business oversight are two different things. It is not necessary to have so many administrators within a Salesforce Environment. You can determine the need for administration by size and by departments but there needs to be a hierarchy for governance. Maybe the ratio is 1:75 (admin:users) and this also speaks to forming a team to support your Salesforce Environment where you bring on Jr. Admins and department based admins or delegated admins. In doing this, it is also import to incorporate an internal case management system to have visibility across admins. You have to talk and have sign-off. Treat: Best Practice for Admins

Avoid Spooky Hollow and get help now!


The Mummy, Not Reading the Release Notes – this is an immediate indication you are not aware of the changes that will impact your business. Here, you not only address enhancements to existing functionality but new features that help your company or clients improve their return on investment (ROI). Treat: join a local user group on success.salesforce.com as they will cover the 3 major releases throughout the year.

The Headless Horseman, No Executive buy in – it can be amazing how management and executive teams purchase and Salesforce and manage users but never log in or lead by example. They may be physically present but not mentally engaged. Treat: design a dashboard with KPI’s your executive wants to manage from and send it to them automatically. Then enable the new Lightning UI in your Sandbox and show the improvements awaiting everyone.

Dracula, blood-sucking life-depleting actions – these are slow draining and often unseen areas that bleed your Salesforce environment to death. Can you believe there are organizations that want to give up or just start over? What happened? Regardless of the exact reason, this doesn’t happen within the first year. These are actions that occur over a longer period of time that slowly drains the financial umbilical cord and severs the Salesforce environment. Treat: Focus on two critical areas that will address other blood suckers (bad users and processes). They are the areas of Governance and Adoption. Taking care of these areas will address poor performance and will enforce guidelines for your business processes. A good area to learn this is by taking Trailhead courses to increase your learning and those users in your Salesforce environment.

Your Salesforce environment doesn’t have to be spooky and the good news is, you are not alone. Cloud Co-Op has worked with many organizations to navigate their Haunted House to avoid Zombies, the Mummy’s, the Headless Horseman and Dracula.  Reach out to use if you want to receive more tricks and treats and make your Salesforce environment spectacular.

See you soon, bwahaha hahaha hahahahahahahaha BOO!

Spooky Salesforce Environment