Salesforce Winter 16 Release

Salesforce Winter 16 Release

24 Hours That Will Change Your Cloud

If you’ve seen the series 24, you are aware of Jack Bauer–played by Kiefer Sutherland–and his efforts to protect America from terrorism plots while working at the fictional Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) in Los Angeles. Salesforce Winter 16 Release is rolling out around the globe and we’ve placed our Cloud Test Unit (CTU) to evaluate the latest features highlighting how things can change in your CLOUD in the next 24 hours. In a typical 24 hr view on the series (image source: Wikipedia) and with the time winding down you have some very important decisions to make because others are counting on you.

Salesforce Winter 16

Here are some Salesforce Winter 16 Release Features that will change your cloud within 24 hours after the upgrade is completed.

  • The obvious #1, LIGHTNING has arrived with the Salesforce Winter 16 Release, which brings us a completely re-imaged interface built on the UI so you can evolve it over time around your needs. Read more
  • Mute Posts
  • Display Similar Questions and Articles in Chatter Questions
  • SObject Tree

Among all the features generally available in the Salesforce Winter 16 Release, we want to focus on the new Lightning UI specifically. Please review the entire Salesforce Winter 16 Release notes. Note: the new Lightning UI will not be available for all orgs due to incompatibility of custom objects or visual force pages and there’s much more to learn about. Leading up to this release, Cloud Co-Op participated in the Lightning Accreditation program and we have the tools and awareness needed to help with your migration. Leverage our team to help mitigate any risk and provide an adoption path to implement the new UI.

You are on the clock so get busy and save your CLOUD.

24:00 – App Launcher – located in the upper right hand corner, any user can select Salesforce Apps or Connected Apps they have permission to use.

23:00 – Sales Path – get your reps (SALES REPS) to adopt and adhere to the sales process on the Opportunity and Leads object.

22:00 – Opportunity Work space – along with Sales Path, now you can see key fields and guidance with each stage, related information and the Composer where reps can log calls, create activities and send emails.

21:00 – Opportunity Board – more than a dashboard. It provides dynamic updates so that you can move an opportunity on the page between stages, and alerts remind the rep what to do to keep a deal moving forward. Reps can create an activity without navigating away from the Board and quickly filter the view.

20:00 – Account Insights – reps can find critical information about each account in a highlight section and drill down into related list. You have instant access up to 20 articles per account along with Twitter integration.

19:00 – Contact Details – places important contact details where you need them, front and center. Twitter integration, log activities and review past and upcoming activities on the same screen.

18:00 – Lead Work space – is command central that provides guidance and tips to effectively communicate and move the lead toward conversion. You have the power to quickly access information and log activities.

17:00 – Manage Products and Price Books – give your team an easier to read view of products and price books to update details efficiently. Details are streamlined making finding the information faster.

16:00 – Social Medial Integration – Twitter has become the dominant tool of reference, and LinkedIn is now no longer available as a standard social feature.

15:00 – List View Visualization – reps can now redesign list views to see records that meet their filter criteria and display list view data graphically in charts. If you are not able to upgrade to the new Lightning UI then please consider our List View Report Builder for this same need.

14:00 – List View Scroll – the limitation has been removed so you no longer have to page through list views. Now you have unlimited scrolling access within that view.

13:00 – Send and Manage Email and Templates – You are given more flexibility to send emails to contacts, leads, co-works or any valid email address and Salesforce will create the task and add it to the object feed.

Need help Adopting or Migrating to the new Lightning UI?

12:00 – Activity Timeline – see key details for each task, meeting, call and email right on the page with other details of an opportunity or lead. For Account and Contacts, the timeline is in the right hand column of the page.

11:00 – Notes (Generally Available) – now you can manage notes in the navigation bar and relate a single note to multiple records.

10:00 – Lookup Fields from Activities – you no longer need to choose which type of record is most important to activities. Now you can link custom lookup fields to other records.

09:00 – Feature Rich Editor for Dashboards – drag and scale dashboard components to scale up or down or across multiple columns and rows. Create dashboards will more than 3 columns.

08:00 –  Interactive Dashboard – hover over charts to learn more details, view the underlying report for each component and one-click administrative access to refresh, edit, clone, save or delete.

07:00 – Interactive Charts – with a new report run page you can apply filters without having to open the report. Key metrics are displayed at the top of the report, floating X and Y Axes headers, and locking stage filters.

06:00 – Service Console – now with an enhanced design making it easier for support agents to locate key information faster. The new design includes responsive columns and buttons, custom colors to brand the header and footer, sidebar for components, and a neater case feed for easier scanning.

05:00 – Omni-Channel Push – you can set the priority of work items and make sure critical assignments get taken care of. Now you can route cases to agents in real time to the most qualified or available agent.

04:00 – Improved File Widget – here your agents can quickly find and attach files into a case feed with drag and drop functionality.

03:00 – Long Email Subject Lines – now you have 650 characters in the email subject line, the previous limit was 100 characters.

02:00 – Auto Completion for Standard Address Fields – if your organization has state and country pick lists enabled now you can save time with the auto completion feature.

01:00 – Salesforce Winter 16 – video series for overall features. View here

00:00 – A new CLOUD with Salesforce Winter 16 Release

Cloud Co-Op attended pre-release Accreditation training with Salesforce and other partners specifically designated to help with the migration and adoption of the new Lightning UI. We have tools and procedures in place to audit your organization and reduce risk during the migration.