The Yellow Brick Road to Dreamforce

The Yellow Brick Road to Dreamforce

We are off to see the Wizard the Wonderful Wizard of……Dreamforce! That’s right, it is that time again and Salesforce is hosting another Dreamforce conference. Registrations are open, hotels are booked, and Dreamforce Gala is planned. Who is this all for?  Our precious Dorothy, the Salesforce Admin. We are 5 months out and this journey and preparation has become “The Yellow Brick Road” for many companies, career advancement for many professionals and always an awesome opportunity to meet amazing people.

This year, I want to help Dorothy (our Salesforce Admin) and Toto (iphone 6) focus on 3 key people they should invite to Dreamforce. We know the characters and how the story plays out so what are we working with? Someone needs a brain, someone needs a heart and lastly someone needs courage.

First, let’s give our Dorothy a huge round of applause. The Salesforce admin endures multiple change requests and 3 major releases a year. She creates, designs and supports the entire company. Not living in one area or another but controlled by all departments. So please remember, Dorothies are only trying to find their home.

What shall we bring? We’re off to see the Wizard (Marc Benioff) the Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Salesforce) and whom do we first encounter on our list? Yes, Mr. Scarecrow, or you may know them as the Sales Rep, and they need a BRAIN. This is not a “shot across the bow.” The Sales rep is a highly valued position. If you ever work closely to them and understand their pressure to perform you would quickly appreciate their worth. However, in the context of Salesforce, we really need to help them get a BRAIN!

They need to visit Dreamforce to understand that the application and business process is a vehicle to advance their sell. Putting in data drives adoption, and if done right fosters better business intelligence that everyone can use. They need learn how to provide feedback and become an advocate for business process improvement. Strengthen the spoke not weaken it. They are looking for easy, productive, and clear design. Every client you ever had, has come through a sales rep. Make them Salesforce promoters and find one to bring to Dreamforce.

yellow brick road to dreamforce

Yellow Brick Road to Dreamforce

Let’s continue down The Yellow Brick Road to Dreamforce

Secondly, we have someone who needs a Heart, the Tin Man. They are always looking in one direction and because of this have become stuck in time. Our Tin Man, is the CFO. The CFO only looks at the bottom line and often sees Salesforce as a big red line in their charts. We need our CFO to come because they need a Heart for Salesforce as much as a wallet. Growth and innovation can stop cold at their desk. At Dreamforce, they can see the value from the Exhibitor floor showcasing hundreds of AppExchange applications. They will hear inspiring keynotes and network with executives sharing the same battles as they have. They need to mingle with the World’s Most Innovative Company, now 5 years in a row. Here they can see and hear how a company with a 1.6 million-strong community generates more revenue vs. license cost, and how companies replace legacy systems and increase business velocity, individual performance and productivity. The Tin Man will feel better about what he buys when he believes in what he bought.

Lastly, our friend the Lion needs some COURAGE! This is the person who manages the Salesforce admin–their manager. They are often caught between boardroom and the bathroom. They are a nervous wreck of decision, not enough budget and just getting by. They want to support new initiatives and believe their people but are not empowered to support growth. They have the technology but often lack the courage to face their fears with executives on innovative growth. Dorothy needs this manager to attend Dreamforce, build their confidence and understand it is not as simple as they might think. Equip them with business cases that promote cost reductions and growth. They need advice on staffing and roles of the Admin and Developer. They need to support attendance at user group meetings to further Dorothy’s growth and the company’s adoption. They need to know how to leverage the tool and not need to ask for a report.

We want all the Dorothies and their co-workers to enjoy a wonderful Yellow Brick Road to Dreamforce. Learn more about our Top 10 Tips while attending Dreamforce and to ensure you have a pair of Ruby Red slippers you also have a chance at winning a $400 Gift Card, presented at Dreamforce.

Dorothy, the power has always been with you, right beneath your nose. Click your heels 3 times and repeat.

There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home…….