Salesforce Growth Strategies

Salesforce Growth Strategies

When is the right time to address Salesforce Growth Strategies and how is that defined for your business? For the Emerging Small Business (ESB) or Start-Ups that jockey for space in incubators or co-share environments, one thing is certain. Their business should be in the cloud not under a desk. The ESB wants to emerge into an SMB and survive hyper-growth symptoms that start-ups can face. Once known as the Oprah effective is now the Shark Tank effect. Being on either of these shows can instantly catapult you into enormous business demand, but for most the required effort for this success may never be seen on television.Salesforce Growth Strategies

An ESB should not wait to purchase Salesforce one or two years after starting. They need to understand their Salesforce Growth Strategies before their purchase. One may think Salesforce is about price but it’s not, it is about value and defining these simple Salesforce Growth Strategies will directly impact your ROI. When you don’t consider your Salesforce Growth Strategies then you will eventually look at the price, simply because you are failing to execute. The initial purchase price and ongoing subscription is directly overshadowed by poor adoption and governance controls.

S.O.M.E.: Strategies for Immediate Growth

How often have you sat down on a plane after you purchased a ticket and didn’t know where you were going? You don’t; and you always know the destination before take-off. You selected a carrier based on various factors, you pack your bags and make preparations for the trip. Everything is planned in advance.

Likewise before you purchase Salesforce you need to understand where you are going with this application. What do you need or what will determine success, not based on today but of where you want to go with the application. Having Salesforce Growth Strategies in place will make your investment less expensive and help you reach your destination on-time during your cloud journey.

Here are S.O.M.E areas to consider for your Salesforce Growth Strategies.

Sustainable Growth

If I adopt Salesforce, what is needed to better the position of my team and bring new value to existing clients. It is easy to boil the ocean with ideas and bite on the vastness of Salesforce features but you have to slow down. You can always upgrade editions within a term. Initial Salesforce Growth Strategies should be focused on a seamless adoption that promotes user success. Make the user’s life easier not more complicated. You want to ensure transparency of information that provides a consolidated view of business intelligence for smarter decision making. Learn how Salesforce can shorten the sales cycles or the support response times with on-demand access of information. Simplify Salesforce and declutter views.

You already have clients and now, with Salesforce, you can learn more about them like never before. Think of ways you can make customer service different with workflow, email templates or a self-service knowledge base. Proactively touch clients before a need arises and start collecting data that gives you an opportunity to communicate without reason (birthday, special dates). Make a connection and remember before you start to sell or support a product issue, you are always speaking to a person and this person helping to pay for your salary. #Gratitude! Next ask yourself this question. If we never took on another customer, how long would our company sustain itself?

Obtainable Growth

Leading in from the last question, if you can’t sustain your business long then we need to focus Salesforce Growth Strategies for obtainable growth. Growth is good but if you experience growth rapidly it can hurt your brand, morale and you could actually lose new customers. Having Salesforce allows you to scale and as mentioned earlier you can update editions and get more licenses within your term. But obtainable growth is more than this purchase. We need to determine consumable and realistic goals for growth that is already available to us.

Salesforce has 3 major releases a year; there are many features often overlooked and never explored. Some are backed in and others are new features you may have to purchase. You have potential and a seed ready to mature with you. As part of your Salesforce Growth Strategies, you need to consider how you can stretch your team using Salesforce to deliver different results. These are not features you may adopt during the initial deployment but after a successful adoption occurs you can layer onto your existing business process to drive new growth.

One area to consider is to implement Communities and allowing your current customers to experience your growth with you. They can give you consumer feedback, which will appeal to new clients. Communities (Partner or Customer) allow you to give advance insights otherwise not available, dashboard reporting and easier forms of communication between you and your relationships. Another area to explore is the AppExchange. How can you leverage new tools to attach a saturated or under developed market you are trying to penetrate? Radian 6 and other social tools can give you the insights you need to obtain new growth.

Measurable Growth

Salesforce Growth Strategies are results that drive growth. Salesforce is a phenomenal tool that drives cross functional business intelligence that allows strategic operational changes to occur. With Field History Tracking and Dynamic reporting you are off to a great start, but you will quickly need more to keep pace. Salesforce provides Analytic Snapshots and now Analytics Cloud. There are exceptional Business Intelligence (BI) tools available, like InsightSquared which is a native app and other outside BI tools like Birst, GoodData and Domo.

Determine what Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) will drive your business and what tools you will need to layer onto to your business processes. Now is not the time to operate blindly. With Salesforce you can react smarter more quickly. This can directly lower your PPC Campaigns, Web Development efforts, and isolate training issues or support needs.

Exponential Growth

We calculate this when your employees utilization of Salesforce increases from each other’s experiences. The core gives back to itself and matures as an organization with all units growing together. You have grown your Salesforce process outside of a single business unit and the Salesforce Growth Strategies here are to leverage your internal knowledge to expand the business internally, and for each other.  Reps are able to function within the tool more quickly because it has been optimized from proven lessons flushed out daily. Utilizing Chatter, Ideas and the internal Knowledge Base are exceptional components for this growth strategy. Intellectual knowledge is community property and shared to increase employee’s productivity.

“Our intuition about the future is linear. But the reality of information technology is exponential, and that makes a profound difference. If I take 30 steps linearly, I get to 30. If I take 30 steps exponentially, I get to a billion.” Ray Kurzvwell

Understanding this, our Salesforce Growth Strategies for Exponential Growth should conclude with how well your company can adapt and absorb change.  #Teamwork