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Cloud Co-Op Spotlights VETS2CLOUD

Cloud Co-Op Spotlights VETS2CLOUD: an Apprenticeship Program Creating New Careers for Veterans
U.S. Navy Veteran and Cloud Co-Op Founder David Franklin Partners with Salesforce’s VetForce Program in its Mission to Train and Mentor 10,000 Veterans

Austin—October 4, 2016–Cloud Co-Op–a Registered Salesforce Consulting Partner providing Salesforce business consulting services for clients wishing to extend their cloud capabilities–spotlights VETS2CLOUD, a Veteran’s Apprentice Program that brings veterans into a mentoring program at Cloud Co-Op once their deployments end. Developed from his own experience as a veteran, founder, and CEO David Franklin’s mission is to create a Co-Op of Salesforce professionals under one umbrella. VETS2CLOUD gives veterans a start in the essential work of a Salesforce administrator, business analyst or project manager. VETS2CLOUD accepts veterans who have completed Salesforce training and certification, which is free in the VetForce program, and then coaches and provides them with work.

Franklin states, “It’s a win-win scenario. Cloud Co-Op’s clients receive top-notch consulting at a fair price and veterans get on-the-job mentoring from seasoned Salesforce consultants.”  

“Cloud Co-Op and the veterans’ mentoring program has changed my life and brought me so many new opportunities,” said Eric Wilson, U.S. Army veteran, and Active Reservist.

“I feel privileged to be working alongside one of the first 500 certified Salesforce Administrators, and David Franklin, has allowed me to grow exponentially in Salesforce consulting due to his industry experience, coaching, mentorship, and weekly warrior training sessions,” remarked Ken Nuehs, U.S. Marine veteran, and consultant.

About Cloud Co-Op
Cloud Co-Op, a Registered Salesforce Consulting Partner, was founded by U.S. Navy veteran and 12-year Salesforce guru, David Franklin who had the vision to create a team of certified Salesforce veterans to execute custom development and implementations for businesses getting started in Salesforce or scaling up their operations. Cloud Co-Op helps Salesforce customers reduce implementation and development cost, establish governance controls, increase user adoption, and develop growth strategies. David Franklin has built a formidable nationwide team of Salesforce Solution Architects, Developers and Technical Admins to help clients in government, healthcare, and the private sector leverage the full power of Salesforce.

Cloud Co-Op’s VETS2CLOUD is committed to bringing thousands of service veterans successfully to new careers in cloud computing.  SitRep Digital, also a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, brings to the partnership the marketing strategies that enable businesses to succeed. Franklin, the Cloud Co-Op team, and partner SitRep Digital can be found at Booth #2226 at Dreamforce 2016, October 4-7 in San Francisco. www.Vets2.Cloud


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