Einstein: Salesforce’s AI Revolution

Salesforce Einstein—Artificial Intelligence (AI) Revolution

Salesforce Einstein AI : Artificial Intelligence built into the core of the Salesforce Platform

According to research by Gartner, 20% of business content will be created by machines by 2018. Around 6 billion connected devices will require the ability to connect and share data with other devices. Sites like Amazon, Spotify, and Netflix already utilize advanced machine learning. Apple’s Siri employs natural language processing for recognizing voice command. Facebook’s “facial recognition algorithm” can instantly identify a person with around 98% accuracy. Most companies are still not able to develop AI solutions, as it requires extensive data science expertise to get value from the data and continuously learn from it. Now Salesforce’s ‘Einstein‘ uses is a tool that integrates with the company’s existing portfolio of products and services, creating synergy between the AI and its big data.

Salesforce Einstein – Artificial Intelligence

Salesforce brings Artificial Intelligence technologies to CRM with Einstein, an integrated set of technologies. Your customer service platform, with AI enabled features, automatically uses Salesforce data to serve customers better. Salesforce Einstein gives sales & marketing departments comprehensive, up-to-date views of customers and prospects.
Today, Salesforce Einstein is every customer’s data scientist, dedicated to bringing AI to every customer relationship. Einstein mines data to learn deeply from all data such as CRM data, IoT, calendar, ERP, and social data. It delivers recommendations and predictions to make smarter decisions for businesses such as identifying trends in sales, service, and marketing.

What does Einstein mean for all Salesforce Clouds?

Sales Cloud Einstein  Too many companies are easy to beat as they are focused only on their techniques and attacks. Some companies use signals from their buyers for personalizing their sales and marketing efforts. The best and very few companies are focused on predicting the future. What leads will become opportunities, opportunities to customers, and customers to raving fans?.
Salesforce focuses on helping these three types of companies make the leap to the highest level, where CRM acts as a predictive system of intelligence. The AI in Sales Cloud Einstein makes this possible and helps everyone across the sales organization, companies of all sizes in recommending actions, building 1:1 relationships, and predicting customers actions.

Service Cloud Einstein Einstein brings Artificial Intelligence to the forefront of customer service, creating automated workaround suggested responses and case classifications. Until now, most customer service leaders could not put AI in action. With Service Cloud Einstein, organizations of any size will be able to resolve customer service cases faster, answer customers’ queries with confidence, empower their team with insights about case resolution times, and more.

Marketing Cloud Einstein  What does intelligence mean for marketing and analytics professionals? Marketing Cloud AI enables marketers to use analytics that predict the right audience, content, channel, and optimal timing for marketing messages, rather than only past behavior. Opportunity Insight, another CRM AI feature analyzes customer interaction. Marketers can leverage predictive scores, predictive audiences, and automated send-time optimization.

Commerce Cloud Einstein  Salesforce.com launches its Commerce Cloud with  AI.  This includes Salesforce Commerce Insights, helping retailers understand the correlation to products customers purchase. According to Salesforce, “Commerce Cloud powers more than 1,800 E-commerce sites in 53 countries, with more than $16 billion in merchandise sold in 2016”.

Community Cloud Einstein  Community Cloud Einstein makes it possible to make smarter and more productive connections. AI guides users to find and create new community members, groups, and resources, as it tracks the most popular pages and posts. It can learn from community engagement history, can help find the answers you are looking for. It also automates, putting the best alternative right up front.

Analytics Cloud Einstein  Understanding the data model and how it relates to customers and business processes are the key challenges to developing automated analytics. Salesforce introduced Wave Analytics to make analytics more intuitive, actionable, and accessible on any device, embedding insights directly into business workflows and apps.
Some of the new features of Analytics Cloud Einstein are Intelligent Wave Apps, Smart Data Discovery, and Automated Storytelling. AI helps companies improve their key performance indicators, such as sales process effectiveness, campaign effectiveness, and renewal rates.

IoT Cloud Einstein   More than 6 billion devices have come online in the last twenty years, connecting everything from phones and cars to our homes and even our bodies. In IoT Cloud, Einstein gives customers the ability to unlock a whole new wave of innovation for IoTs. Salesforce’s new AI platform provides PredictionIO (an open source machine learning platform) in IoT Cloud, Predictive-scoring on IoT event data. Recommended next best action–automatically optimize IoT device journeys.

Pricing and Availability   Over 200 Artificial Intelligence experts and industry leaders in the field of data science make the magic of AI a reality. Millions of Salesforce admins and developers are already using tools every day to build AI-powered apps with just a few clicks quickly. The combination of Salesforce CRM and AI has been a game-changer.
Many new features of Salesforce Einstein will be available for an additional charge. Others will include as part of current editions and licenses. Salesforce is dedicated to making AI within reach of everyone so that all can benefit from this technology.

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Blog by Ajay Dubedi
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