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Salesforce–Endless Possibilities

Cloud-based Customer Support Management–

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer support management application, allowing you to manage multiple brands from a single setup. It is a SaaS (Software as a service) customer service application that connects agents for field queries through phone calls, e-mail, and social channels. You have a single cloud-based platform to share your products’ knowledge base and self-help documentation.

You have the ability to buy services on per agent basis with The pricing starts at $49 per agent per month. “Flex Pricing” is also offered by that runs $1 per part-time agent per hour.

Why is famous?

It is because of its intuitive and user-friendly interface. The application allows you to track and analyze everything through intuitive analytics interface. Salesforce provides two-way integration between Salesforce and the application.

Capitalizing on this concept of making customers happy to increase returning customers, Salesforce launched a series of cloud-based products focused on improving customer relationship management. is one of these, focusing on improving customer support service capabilities. So, being a Salesforce product, it is simple to integrate with your Salesforce CRM.

Features of

Salesforce is all-in-one customer support application for small and growing companies. It supports on every channel such as: social support case management, mobile access, self-service, and simple set-up knowledge base etc. You can always get connected wherever you are. And, everything is integrated with your mobile app.

  • Multi-brand support:
    Nowadays many companies maintain multiple brands.  Therefore, instead of getting different support set-ups for different brands, you can use for managing all your brands from a single portal.
    With, you can compare how each brand is performing based on customer queries or track your brands individually. It allows you to create separate help centers for each brand you operate on the same platform.
  • Help customers faster:
    Customers like to get fast answers. Salesforce allows you to respond your customers faster. You can easily share data that you need to develop a long-term relationship with your customers.
    Therefore, no matter what business you are in, or how big or small scale you operate on…the ultimate way to grow your business faster than ever is to keep your customers happy.
  • Make better decisions:
    Administrators can make better decisions with Business Insights. users can track the performance of each agent as well as analyze the performance of their company as a whole. And you can get the data like current reports that you need to make smart business decisions to improve your products and services.
    So, bringing all of your data together can deliver an outstanding experience every time.
  • Offer self-service:
    Today’s customers like to solve their own solutions. When you make your knowledge base available on a branded self-service site, customers can get their answers fast and easy. Even from their mobile phones.

Benefits of Integrating with Salesforce:

  • and Salesforce work great together to deliver best customer experience and to make life easier for your sales and support teams. To manage their leads and opportunities, Salesforce users can view and update detailed support information from
  • Integrating  with Salesforce provides great experiences to everyone in your company. Anyone can get real-time reports and dashboards directly in Salesforce and Business Insights.
  • When you need more customization for your support team, data syncs beautifully with Salesforce. So you can easily upgrade to Service Cloud. The integration aims to help customer service and sales teams tap synergies to drive stronger responses.
  • Each customer expects companies to deliver fast and personalized experiences when they interact with a company across every channel and at any time. This means the integration of and Salesforce allows sales and support to work tightly together to deliver better services to their customers.
  • Additionally, this Integration offers a centralized view of customers. That is, everyone in your company has the same view of your customers.   
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Salesforce! One platform, Endless possibilities…

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