Working Together

Working Together in The Cloud

Working together as a team can bring about challenges, especially in the cloud when people are often remote and not in the same local space. There are many factors leadership can take into consideration to drive positive behaviors in building a lasting culture. What motivates leaders to take a risk, to walk out on a ledge, or recoil and keep the same routine? I think there are certain times, that allow for leaders to evaluate their objectives, raise the bar and begin to execute. It would be so easy to speak about Sales, Marketing, Service goals or what the previous year was to motivate your team. But instead, let us look at how leadership can help their team feel connected and achieve incredible goals together.

As a business leader, you take on a different perspective. Here are a few things I’ve learned over the last year which has helped me lean into the New Year with more excitement and keep the passion burning.

Become a Servant Leader, know that your role is to help the team, you are their resource for their success. Keeping people first starts within your company. The traditional mindset is that these people report to you but in a Servant leadership role, you are there to serve them which makes working together more enjoyable for all. Recently, I’ve asked our team and our clients three simple questions, What should The CoOp Start Doing, What should The CoOp Stop Doing and What should The CoOp Keep Doing. As a servant leader, you should listen and absorb the voice of the people.

Learn to release control in areas you’ve outgrown and allowed others to mature and grow in that area. If you want to scale, recognize where you are needed most and find better more experienced people to take over the task you need to move away from. Give your people who are working with you the power to make the decisions and learn from their experiences. Do what you love and find individuals who love to do what you don’t love to do. Everyone will be happier.

Invest in personal growth – identify different ways to be resourceful and give your team an opportunity to develop skills to strengthen their role.  Bring in A players or build an environment that creates A players.  We are developing methods where people can earn continuing education funds each month. We provide off-hours and web-based training, along with access to online courses that are paid for or subsidized. We encourage competition using Salesforce Trailhead and Certifications. Only hire people you would work for and don’t settle for less.

Help everyone achieve their top performance. Purchase applications that promote collaboration and increase effectiveness. Don’t make it hard by being cheap. Get the tools that make things better and don’t create business processes with inefficiencies. Salesforce is a great option but some companies often fail at adopting it correctly. About 85% of applications and business processes developed have no governance or IT controls structured around them. Implementing our Salesforce Experience Adoption Team methods will give each member a S.E.A.T at the table and your company will experience long-term growth.

We Help Salesforce Teams Work Together Better

Adoption and Teamwork Strategies

Share your time with others. Establish a pattern of communication with everyone. Don’t become out of touch. Learn to reach out first and initiate dialogue as often as possible. Create an atmosphere of belonging and learn that working together you can connect and grow.

When you have a team that is passionate and believes in the mission, then you wake up every day hungry and ready to compete. Taking on these five ideas will help your team and company mature, and I believe, most importantly, it will help everyone grow personally–including yourself.

Don’t recoil into the same routine with only different business goals. Challenge yourself and team to grow as a unit, become vulnerable and take a risk. The reward will be worth it. Follow along with us as we take on more of the Rockefeller Habits and learn more by watching this video.