Health In the Cloud:

Cloud Co-Op’s Salesforce Health Cloud Overview

Salesforce Offers Health in the Clouds

Salesforce Health Cloud is a cloud-based, patient-centric, world’s #1 health IT CRM system incorporating doctor-patient relationship and record management services. It builds strong one-to-one relationship management through a patient profile that integrates information from multiple data sources.
With Health Cloud, providers can connect with their patients anywhere, from any device. Salesforce Health Cloud is a patient relationship platform that supports a more engaged and tech-savvy patient base.

According to, 71% of millennials want doctors to provide mobile apps that support active engagement in health management and 63% want to be able to send data from wearable devices to their doctors.

How Is Health Cloud Changing The Game?

Healthcare CRM is boosted by Salesforce’s move into health IT. Using Salesforce Health Cloud, caregivers have the information at their fingertips making smarter decisions with proactive insights and clear workflows.

Including medical treatments, care plans, and general patient data, Salesforce Health Cloud aggregates and consolidates all patients’ data.

The ability to send alerts and direct secure messages through the Salesforce HC platform enables easier communication among healthcare providers, as well as between providers and their patients.

How is Health Cloud Changing the Game?

Salesforce Health Cloud creates an environment using the power of the cloud, social and media technologies that enable everyone from admins to patients to specialists to get the information they need. Any time, any device with improved outcomes.

1. Complete Patient View

Salesforce Health Cloud provides a complete view of the patient. Using Health Cloud you can even track your patient throughout treatment stages via shared data among providers.

With a complete view of the patient, caregivers have easy access collaborative care network and health timelines, and information related to the patient including current conditions and medications, appointment history, and communication preferences.

2. Smarter Patient Management

Salesforce Health Cloud empowers healthcare providers to prioritize tasks across all their patients’ needs and map personal and professional networks of caregivers.

With the power of Salesforce Health Cloud platform, easily segment and manage full patient populations. For example, sending a message to all patients with high blood pressure to schedule regular check-ins, in a single secure and private message, and drive better outcomes.

3. Connected Patient Engagement

Salesforce Health Cloud enables engagement with patients across the caregiver’s networks and on any device from anywhere. Develop stronger relationship and loyalty in the Health Cloud.

Collaborate seamlessly with patients and careteams in the cloud. Work with patients to chart progress; easily communicate with physicians, care coordinators, and family members.

Salesforce in the Health Cloud

The entry of Salesforce’s Cloud-based technology to the world of healthcare is a new push to change how doctors and healthcare providers effectively manage the health of patients across caregiver networks. Go beyond the health records of the patients and build meaningful relationships with them.

Integrating with Salesforce Health Cloud combines data from multiple sources such as electronic medical records, medical devices, and even wearable devices into a single location. The idea behind this is to have a 360-degree view of the patients, be able to make smarter care decisions, and improve outcomes.

These technology developments are providing new ways for healthcare providers to connect with patients and members. Salesforce Health Cloud provides a trusted and secured platform to help take patient trust to a new level.

Salesforce Health Cloud for Life-Sciences

Salesforce Health Cloud allows physicians and patients quick and easy access to in-depth drug information. With the emerging technology, biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies can engage patients, physician, and partners in new and innovative ways to build richer experiences and deliver better care. Biotech and life sciences companies are innovating faster than ever with CRM solutions from Salesforce Health cloud, optimized for life sciences.

The most innovative biotech and life sciences companies and scientists are using health IT CRM from Salesforce to innovate through insights and collaboration, across continents, departments, devices, and even companies.

This Cloud-based Healthcare platform is driving a new era of connected, personalized medicine for the changing relationships among life sciences companies, healthcare providers, and patients.

Blog by Ajay Dubedi   5 Certifications  Cloud Co-Op Developer, India 

Cloud Co-Op is already working with clients in the Health Cloud. Founder, David Franklin is HIPAA certified, ready to serve.