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As a Salesforce admin, have you ever felt frustrated, spending too much time finding the security settings for your cloud applications? That’s why Salesforce introduced its cool feature, ‘Salesforce Security Health Check’, available for users.

Salesforce created Security Health Check in Spring ’16 release to identify, track, and fix all the potential security risks in your system. Meaning risks such as shortcomings in the password, network access configuration, sessions, and more, all from a single page. This very handy feature is available for both Salesforce Classic and Lightning experience. And, Salesforce Security Health Check is available for Professional, Enterprise, Developer, Unlimited, and Performance editions.

Access Salesforce Security Health Check tool

Go to Setup> Quick Find Box
Enter> Health Check
Select>Health Check Under Security Controls

And Voila! The Health Check Dashboard and your overall Score

The Health Check Dashboard

This Health Check dashboard shows an overall score reflecting how your organization measures against the Salesforce recommended baseline. This Salesforce Baseline standard contains predefined Health Check Score for the Password Policies, Session, and Network Access Settings.  This is calculated by a proprietary formula. Therefore, settings that meet/exceed the standard increase your score, and settings at risks decrease your score.

The Health Check page categorizes your settings into three sections:

  • High Risk Security Settings–enumerates, explains risks, cures, and allows you to edit
  • Medium-Risk Settings–enumerates, explains choices, and allows you to edit
  • Meets Standard Security Settings–shows you where you’ve met the standard and allows you to celebrate or edit

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Why Salesforce emphasizes the Security Health Check

Security Health Check was introduced to bridge the gap between the specific security requirements and actual settings of the organization. Today, customers need more information about how their security has been configured and what are best practices for their company’s data security. However, security requirements change with the changing business landscape.

Fix Risks: Security Health Checks enable users quick access to their important security settings — Password Policies, Session Settings, and Network Access Settings with the Fix Risk button. Then finally, you can take immediate action to remedy the security risks revealed on the Security Health Check dashboard. You can do this right on the page with the Edit link under Actions. Easy peasy.

Learn more about Salesforce Security basics here.

Business organizations need to keep the highest level of security for their working environments. The higher the security standard in your Health Check, the lower the risks from various attacks. Hence, for efficient functioning of your business, it is best to stay aware of and maintain these security standards to minimize risk.

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