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With all the Salesforce seasonal releases we are offered many new features to make our work easy and simple as a Salesforce Admins. Each release highlights the use of customization and automation to eliminate complexities for end-users. Many Classic features are being introduced into the Lightning Experience. And now Lightning Favorites.

In Salesforce Classic, you have the option to customize your tabs. Similarly you now you have the option to personalize your Lightning experience navigation by adding in your favorite list. Yes, you heard that right. Just click on a Star to add your navigation pages to your favorite list. It simplifies your ability to open up your favorite page by clicking and viewing your list. It is similar to highlighting of favorite phrases when you read a novel. It becomes quite easy for you to have a look at something you liked in that book apart from it’s story.

Lightning Favorites lets you quickly access your records, lists,reports, dashboards, pages, and other frequently used pages. Do that just by clicking on a star provided in the header menu of the Salesforce Lightning Experience of your org.

Steps to Add Your Pages In Lightning Favorites

1. Click on the star in the header menu to edit your current page

2. You can manage your pages from here

Edit favorites in Your menu header

3. Your pages marked Favorite are shown via dropdown list

Favorites Dropdown List

4.  When you are on your Lightning Favorites page this star is displayed as highlighted.

5.  If you want to remove some page from your list, you just have to unselect that star.

Show your Favorites highlighted in Lightning

6.  Your favorites get saved there. Just as you can search your page, you can manage all from the list of favorites–search, delete them, and view them.

Find your Favorited Items in dropdown in Lightning

7.   The navigation bar also provides you with your list of favorites. The drop down arrow beside the name of object shows you a list of recently created records, recent lists, along with your favorites marked for that particular object.

Find an manage favorites from dropdown list on object.

Limitations of Lightning Favorites

As you know, everything comes with its pros and cons. Similarly your adding Lightning Favorites feature has some limitations. As follows:

  1. You can have only 200 favorites. It supports only Record home, lists, reports, dashboards and chatter groups.
  2. You can’t mark list views for reports, dashboards, files, tasks and note tabs as your favourites
  3. Visualforce overrides of list views and chatter posts also can’t be marked as favorite
  4. You can’t mark favorites in console apps and setup pages
  5. Salesforce admins don’t have permission to share or edit these favorites. That is, only individual users can manage favorites.

So finally, we come to the conclusion that this option has made our life simpler and easier by navigating to our favorites in just a fraction of seconds. In spite of its above mentioned limitations, this feature has so many benefits. So we should look at the bright side, and start making your pages favorite. Make the most out of this feature. Happy Salesforce : )

Ajay Dubedi
Cloud Co-Op Consultant

Blog by Ajay Dubedi from India
5X Certified Consultant and Developer at Cloud Co-Op

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