Summer 17 Top 10 Releases Picked by Patricia

Patricia’s Top 10 Summer 17 Faves

By now you’ve checked out all the Summer 17 awesome Salesforce Releases. As usual, it’s chock full of goodness—new functionality, new views, new access—all kinds of new. I have read through the release notes (You could too), looked at some top bloggers’ choices, and made notes of tweaks and new stuff you’d want to know about. My Top 10 are Top 10 great details you might miss when you’re looking for the biggest changes. Check ‘em out and see if you agree that they’re not to be missed in Summer 17.


Lightning Console Split View: Split view shows a list view next to your workspace tabs and subtabs, allowing you to quickly open records from the list. You can stay put on the screen you’re working in and still check out the details you need.

Lightning Console Split View

Side bonus here: Preview Case Details with Case Hovers: Hover over a Case number to get a complete preview. Time Saver! This is in Lightning Experience Only; and nothing to set up.

Preview Details with Hover


Get the Kanban View for Knowledge and Social Persona. Makes a Kanban view of any list view (except Recently Viewed). Users can quickly get a summary of their records and can easily move records through a process or different column groupings. Another Bonus: Sort and segment data on the fly with temporary filters. Switch to the Kanban view through the tool menu.

Kanban View Of List Views


Surface Duplicates across Objects in Lightning Experience: Potential Duplicates component in Lightning. Displays a message on Record Home pages. Now you can use the Potential Duplicates component in the Lightning App Builder to surface duplicates across objects.

Surface Duplicates across Objects

Clicking “View Duplicates” Shows that there are two possible Lead Duplicates and one Contact.

Surface the Duplicates


Service enhancement:
Do more with Facebook Posts. Agents can see star ratings, reply to reviews, and respond privately to posts and comments in Lightning. Extends Service Agents’ abilities to handle Facebook posts

Do More with Social Posts


Create Report and Dashboard Folders in Lightning: What! You couldn’t create a folder for reports or dashboards in Lightning!
Well, no.  But now you can!  Folders are necessary for being able to organize your reports and dashboards.
Note: Switch back to Classic to share.


Embed your Flows in Lightning Pages: A Flow Component allows Flows to any Lightning page.
Example: A flow called Survey Customers appears when embedded in a record page.

Note: When a user opens a Lightning page that has a flow component, the flow runs when the page loads.
Make sure that the flow doesn’t perform any actions – such as create or delete records – before the first screen

Embed Flows in Lightning Pages


Chatter Group excitement: Get Group info and even join in the Tile View
Switch your groups list view to display as tiles and find even more info there:
How many members, type, last activity, owner—Join.

Tiled Images for Chatter Groups


Collaborative Forecasts in Lightning gets pumped up:
Show reps how sales numbers measure up, help teams project revenue, all in Lightning. Set product family forecasts,
opportunity summary header, choose the product families that your users forecast on.

Collaborative Forecasting Enhancements in Lightning


Easier to create orders:  You can now add Orders as global actions; choose the pages where your reps can create orders.
Both Lightning and Classic. Doesn’t this seem like a no-brainer!
And here’s another: Jump to Object Setup from the Object you’re on in Lightning,
just like you can in Classic

Object Setup--From the Object in Question


Lightning Contact Hierarchy: visualize the contacts on an account according to what is entered in the Reports To field.
And customize the info shown.

Contact Hierarchy in Lightning
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