Customer Data: The Key to Success with Salesforce

5 Tips to Drive Sales Success with Customer Data

Salesforce is one of the most powerful and effective CRM’s on the market. If used effectively, it can drive sales in markets you thought were too tough to crack, or swing deals with clients who traditionally went with a competitor. Prospective customer data is collected, organized, updated with each new development, and shared across departments – providing actionable metrics for both the customer service and sales team.

However, just because you can produce engaging reports about customer movements at the drop of a hat does not guarantee a sale. Here are five tips to working with Salesforce that will translate engaging customer metrics into impressive sales numbers:


1. Use Email Templates to Build Better Relationships

Salesforce is all about integration. Rather than operate a separate email platform like Mailchimp or Constant Contact, sending emails within Salesforce is not only easier to track – it also builds better relationships with clients. How? Keeping the same communication channel throughout the sales journey simplifies the outreach process and builds trust in your brand. Salesforce Classic lets you design four types of email templates: text, HTML with letterhead, custom, and Visualforce. Just remember to use some of the data collected about the customer to personalize the emails you send out using merge fields.


2. Design A Smooth Workflow Based on Integration of All Customer Data

Salesforce makes it easy to access all important customer data from one central hub. While the benefits of easy access to data are self-evident, knowing how to make use of the data is a skill all on its own. Designing a smooth workflow from one stage of the customer journey to the next is a great way to isolate metrics that matter for that particular customer, at that particular point. Maintaining an organized workflow infrastructure will make it easy to see what is working in your sales strategy, what is not, and why.   


3. Make the Most out of Chatter

Salesforce Chatter is another integrative tool to boost collaboration between departments. If a sales rep needs a key insight from the marketing department, they can just reach out to a on the ‘Chatter’ platform and procure it. No hassle, no waiting around. Chatter comes with mobile capability, making it ideal for last-minute requests.


4. Always Work as a Team

The success of a sales team comes down to far more than understanding the numbers and making repeat follow-ups. It takes teamwork across the departments to make a sale, and sales reps should never be reluctant to reach out for advice, insight, or collaboration.  


5. Use Social Media to Reach New and Existing Customers

Social media is often where customers go to ask questions about a product. If you are responsive on the platform it will go a long way to ensuring customer retention and even lead generation. With new Salesforce integrations, all messages and engagement on Facebook will be collected in one inbox, so you can answer customer queries with ease.



These are some of the most cost-effective ways to find sales success with Salesforce. An expert salesman knows how to collect relevant customer data, use it to personalize customer experiences, and progressively add value based on customer needs. With these five tips in mind you are well-placed to optimize Salesforce to your personal sales strategy.

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