5 Ways Your Business Can Grow Using Salesforce

5 Ways Your Business Can Grow Using Salesforce

Salesforce is known as the #1 customer relationship management platform in use today. The platform helps businesses of all sizes communicate, in a meaningful way, with existing and potential customers.

But that’s not all Salesforce can do for you. As you may know, Salesforce is equipped with a variety of analytic tools designed to help grow your business. Integrated services in marketing, sales, and customer relations make it relatively easy to grow your business while keeping existing customers happy.

So how can using Salesforce help your business grow?

If you are familiar with the platform, but unsure what exactly it does, then you stand to benefit from digging into the details of the service offering.

Here are five specific ways your business can grow using Salesforce:

1. Expand your lead generation network

No business can sustain growth without a reliable lead generation network. Future customers might exist all around you, but you need to find them.

Salesforce offers an AI assistant named Einstein to help personalize and optimize all lead generation strategies. One insight Einstein brings to the table is ‘Opportunity Scoring.’ With ‘Opportunity Scoring,’ Einstein will take in all relevant data about your lead network and prioritize those closest to converting. Scores are available on opportunity records and list views. Using Einstein Opportunity Scoring will allow your sales team to save time in their outreach efforts and close more deals.

2. Predict your customer’s experiences

The customer journey is always a personal process of education and realization. No two customers will have the same route to purchasing, and your marketing approach needs to reflect that fact. Salesforce offers a fully integrated predictive marketing system incorporating web, mobile, email, and advertising platforms designed to reach each user when they need it the most (and are ready to purchase). Build a unique buyers journey for each segment of your audience and you will start to see conversion rates shoot through the roof!

3. Better data collection, stronger insights

Where would predictive marketing be without strong analytics? The second beta release of Analytics for Lighting offers bucket columns, cross filters, summary formulas, and Einstein Data Insights for all your data collection needs. One particularly efficient feature of the new release is the creation of Folders compatible with Salesforce search. Now you can retrieve all saved reports and dashboards through a Salesforce search. Retrieving key user data has never been easier.

4. Make a community of customers

Turning customers into brand ambassadors is key to the overall growth of your business. Once people start validating your products on the street or through social media, you can expect revenue to hit new heights. Salesforce Community Cloud lets you make communities of customers. This is an excellent resource for you because it represents a pool of potential influencers to collaborate with. It is also an excellent resource for your customers, who can discuss your product and answer each other’s questions.

5. Automate marketing endeavors

Today marketing needs to be automated to reflect the personal customer experience. Salesforce Marketing Cloud comes with automation capacity for all stages of the customer journey, allowing you to see positive returns while focusing your time on other areas of business. Saving time while making money is probably the best growth strategy imaginable, right?


Although Salesforce is known as the leading customer relationship management platform, it offers so much more regarding sales and marketing strategy. No matter the size of your business, integrating Salesforce into operations can help expand your lead network and, ultimately, increase revenue.