Notes Plus

Salesforce Notes Plus is an Enterprise productivity tool that provides text field tracking, monitoring and coaching opportunities.

Available for use on the five core objects (Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Cases and Opportunities), Salesforce Notes Plus allows you to utilize text fields like never before.

Text fields are difficult to use and report against. Users have to make journal entries in a text field with their name, time-stamp, and notes which slows them down. If you don’t have a good governance and security policy in place then these fields may be written in by non-record owners.

When you have users that take great notes, reporting and coaching is difficult because it blows out the size of the row in a report; as managers you have to read a journal to understand where things are.

Salesforce Notes Plus provides itemized view of any text field like Rep Notes or Next Steps and allows the user to stay on the Detail page looking up, and not down the screen.  All previous entries are written to history and displayed in a related list or a printable view that are automatically stamped with owner name and time.

As a productivity tool, Salesforce Notes Plus provides at a glance managerial insight to what is being worked or what is not within a summary report across objects. Likewise, reps can view a list view that shows them exactly what they need from their previous conversation without reading a journal entry.

Salesforce Notes Plus also helps with Lead Conversion because now you can move text fields from the Lead to Accounts, Contacts or Opportunities and write a Next Step field and continue the conversations post conversion.

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Enterprise Edition Only

The Details Page: In our example we have three text fields on the Lead Object, Company Notes, Rep Notes and Next Steps. User continue to use text fields as normal but are not required to enter in user name or date.

Each time they update these fields they simple erase, add new and save. Notes Plus will do all the tracking. During Lead Conversion you can map these fields where needed and save the last entry on the new records.

* View Notes Plus will render a visual force page as a summary view or to print out for coaching sessions.

Notes Plus Detail Page View

The Related List: Each time an entry is updated, Notes Plus will write the data to history and display it in the Related List at the bottom of the page. Here is where you can see who made the entry and when, providing security goverance on data entry fields.

Notes Plus Related List

The Report Summary: Allows managers to monitor activity and provides a coaching opportunity. You can quickly see what records have been touched viewing the last set up important notes or you can now monitor stale records by reporting on text fields that haven’t been update in a certain timeframe.

The List View: provides a quick view for users to important information on workable items each day.

Notes Plus Summary Report

The Dashboard View: Activity track and monitor record updates by person on keys fields or records that haven’t been updated within a certain timeframe. See where people are spending there time and the results of their efforts.

Notes Plus Dashboard