5 Reasons Why You Should Use Marketing Automation

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Marketing Automation

Industry experts have been harkening the arrival of dynamic personalization and predictive personalization for years now. As machine learning and artificial intelligence integrate further into marketing software capabilities, this is indeed a distinct possibility. However, while email blasts might be a thing of the past, an entirely individualized outreach system is still a work in progress. For the time being, …

5 Ways Your Business Can Grow Using Salesforce

5 Ways Your Business Can Grow Using Salesforce

Salesforce is known as the #1 customer relationship management platform in use today. The platform helps businesses of all sizes communicate, in a meaningful way, with existing and potential customers. But that’s not all Salesforce can do for you. As you may know, Salesforce is equipped with a variety of analytic tools designed to help grow your business. Integrated services …

Marketing Automation What is it and How Does it Work

Marketing Automation 101: What is it and How Does it Work?

If you work in marketing, chances are you know the term ‘marketing automation.’ But could you explain what it is to a co-worker in the elevator? Probably not. The truth is, marketing automation is a tough concept to grasp in just a few sentences. The best place to start is with an authoritative definition. According to Wikipedia, “marketing automation refers …

Using Salesforce to Automate Your Business Operations for Fast Growth

How to Automate Your Business Operations for Fast Growth

Small business owners are always looking for the fastest way to scale their business with automation. Operating on a tight budget with thin profit margins is exhilarating and challenging – but it also forces you to cut costs wherever possible. In 2018, automation is the most effective strategy for optimizing efficiency and achieving fast growth. With big data analytics and …

Summer 17 Top 10 Releases Picked by Patricia

Patricia's Top 10 Summer 17 Faves By now you’ve checked out all the Summer 17 awesome Salesforce Releases. As usual, it’s chock full of goodness—new functionality, new views, new access—all kinds of new. I have read through the release notes (You could too), looked at some top bloggers’ choices, and made notes of tweaks and new stuff you’d want to ...

Create Salesforce Lightning Favorites

With all the Salesforce seasonal releases we are offered many new features to make our work easy and simple as a Salesforce Admins. Each release highlights the use of customization and automation to eliminate complexities for end-users. Many Classic features are being introduced into the Lightning Experience. And now Lightning Favorites. In Salesforce Classic, you have the option to customize your tabs. Similarly ...

Salesforce Top 10 Summer 17 Features

Salesforce’s quarterly releases bring exciting new functionality and features. Here is a Top 10 Summer 17 list of awesome new features presented to us by Spandy Medikonda.

A guide to your Salesforce job interview

No matter which Salesforce career path you’re on, it’s likely that a job interview will come up. Here is a handy Job Interview guide to get you prepared to do well as you prepare for that crucial job interview.