5 Rules for a Successful Salesforce Administrator

The complexity of Salesforce is the very reason why Salesforce Administrators exist. Salesforce Admins are experts at setting up the software and optimizing the system to generate valuable customer service data points specific to each company. While everyone takes a unique approach to the job, there are some fundamental technical strategies that define a successful admin. Here are five ‘rules’ …

Customer Data: The Key to Success with Salesforce

5 Tips to Drive Sales Success with Customer Data

Salesforce is one of the most powerful and effective CRM’s on the market. If used effectively, it can drive sales in markets you thought were too tough to crack, or swing deals with clients who traditionally went with a competitor. Prospective customer data is collected, organized, updated with each new development, and shared across departments – providing actionable metrics for …

Lightning Components in Salesforce

A Beginner’s Guide to Building Lightning Components in Salesforce

The possibilities of what you can build with Salesforce Lightning are endless. But there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about what a Lightning Component is and how complicated or simple they are to build. Once you begin to understand Lightning Components you will begin to better understand Salesforce itself.