Veteran Apprenticeship
Veteran Apprenticeship Vets2Admin


Take your Salesforce Admin skills and turn into an Advanced Business Consultant with 16 weeks of Business Coaching, Marketing, Sales, and Service training while participating on client based projects.      Don’t just compete, become competitive.

Pre-requisite: Salesforce Admin Certified, Vetforce Member.

Veteran Apprenticeship Vets2Dev


Companies are looking for unicorns, here we create them. Transforming the Salesforce Admin into a Developer as a new cross functional ninja where left and right brains begin to master the cloud arena together. During this 16 week program, you’ll learn from the best in the world as Certified Technical Architects and Seasoned Developers immerse you the world of coding.

Pre-requisite: Salesforce Admin Certified, Vetforce Member.

Veteran Apprenticeship Wellness You

Wellness You™

Finding a career takes time but finding yourself is a journey. Wellness You™ it’s designed to help you connect with your inner self by discovering your values, reconnecting with your emotions, and build your core strengths. Access to a personal life coach and leadership development team, you’ll explore areas of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, leadership methods and tackle daily challenges.

Pre-requisite: active member in either Vets2Admin or Vets2Dev program.

About Cloud Co-Op

Cloud Co-Op is a national Salesforce Consulting partner based in Austin, Texas. As a certified Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Business, our strategy is simple. First, service the emerging and Small Business Owners where there are Veterans already residing, helping the veterans become mindful community leaders and cloud consultants. Second, support Federal and Government initiatives where we fit in as a combined larger organization across the United States. Additionally, we are capable of servicing Enterprise clients through our growing relationships or when their mission aligns with supporting transitioning Veterans into the workforce.
Cloud Co-Op provides specialty services in Governance, Adoption and Change Management along with advanced development and solution design customization’s for companies moving into or growing business processes using Salesforce.com.