Salesforce Communities the platform for connection.

Community on Steroids ~ Salesforce Communities

Humans are hardwired for Community; no hardware needed here! Salesforce communities is an online platform that allows employees, customers, and partners to get connected with relevant content, data, and business processes in one place. Organizations can create fully-branded, customized public or private communities according to your business needs. Communities allow you to communicate and collaborate with people outside your company ...
Salesforce sets Spring 17

Salesforce–not the Groundhog–Ushers in Spring 17

No need for a groundhog to tell us whether or not Spring has arrived. Salesforce ushers in the Spring season with their Spring 17 release. The Spring 17 Release Notes contain a mix of Lightning Experience features as Salesforce continues its steady roll-out, along with Classic features for those who have not fully migrated. Here’s a quick look at a ...
Working Together

Working Together in The Cloud

Working together as a team can bring about challenges, especially in the cloud when people are often remote and not in the same local space. There are many factors leadership can take into consideration to drive positive behaviors in building a lasting culture. What motivates leaders to take a risk, to walk out on a ledge, or recoil and keep the ...
State of Salesforce: Bright Future

The State of Salesforce: 2016 – 2017

 What’s The State of Salesforce in 2016-2017 Today, most companies are using Salesforce to attain their customers, revenue, and profit goals.  The best companies are investing more in making Salesforce easier to use and ensuring their user’s ability to do their jobs from anywhere, on any device. These companies need to continuously improve Salesforce’s ease of use, while achieving a superior … customer support management

Salesforce–Endless Possibilities

Cloud-based Customer Support Management– Salesforce is a cloud-based customer support management application, allowing you to manage multiple brands from a single setup. It is a SaaS (Software as a service) customer service application that connects agents for field queries through phone calls, e-mail, and social channels. You have a single cloud-based platform to share your products’ knowledge base and self-help documentation. …

Unleashing the Power of Salesforce

Cloud Co-Op Advises Executives at Exclusive CIO Summit

Cloud Co-Op shared with CIOs how employing Salesforce’s cloud security, connected environments, suite of business success applications, and platform to build and create critical customized solutions can level the playing field of businesses in whatever stage–whether starting enterprises, companies powering up and innovating, or Enterprise-level companies scaling for growth and increased productivity.

Einstein: Salesforce’s AI Revolution

Salesforce Einstein—Artificial Intelligence (AI) Revolution Salesforce Einstein AI : Artificial Intelligence built into the core of the Salesforce Platform According to research by Gartner, 20% of business content will be created by machines by 2018. Around 6 billion connected devices will require the ability to connect and share data with other devices. Sites like Amazon, Spotify, and Netflix already utilize ...