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Cloud Co-Op is expanding its commitment to helping military veterans transition into the workforce, through its Vets2Cloud™ apprenticeship program that provides on-demand, fractional support to Salesforce clients. This help desk is staffed by former military veterans looking to transition into full-time careers as Salesforce administrators and developers.

Patricia's Top 10 Summer 17 Faves By now you’ve checked out all the Summer 17 awesome Salesforce Releases. As usual, it’s chock full of goodness—new functionality, new views, new access—all kinds of new. I have read through the release notes (You could too), looked at some top bloggers’ choices, and made notes of tweaks and [...]
With all the Salesforce seasonal releases we are offered many new features to make our work easy and simple as a Salesforce Admins. Each release highlights the use of customization and automation to eliminate complexities for end-users. Many Classic features are being introduced into the Lightning Experience. And now Lightning Favorites. In Salesforce Classic, you have the option [...]
Hidden Gems
Dynamic Label for Flow Interviews Overview: This hidden gem is from the Spring '15 Release. Have you ever felt like banging your head against the wall when testing Salesforce Visual Workflows that pause? Then this goes out to you. Without Dynamic Labels, you ONLY get visibility into what the name/version of the flow is and [...]
How does someone successfully pass the Salesforce Advanced Administrator Exam? Does it require the luck of the Irish? Do you need to kiss the Blarney Stone? How about chasing the pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow? The Answer is NO! All it takes is a deeper understanding of Salesforce and a solid [...]