5 Reasons Why You Should Use Marketing Automation

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Marketing Automation

Industry experts have been harkening the arrival of dynamic personalization and predictive personalization for years now. As machine learning and artificial intelligence integrate further into marketing software capabilities, this is indeed a distinct possibility. However, while email blasts might be a thing of the past, an entirely individualized outreach system is still a work in progress. For the time being, …

5 Ways Your Business Can Grow Using Salesforce

5 Ways Your Business Can Grow Using Salesforce

Salesforce is known as the #1 customer relationship management platform in use today. The platform helps businesses of all sizes communicate, in a meaningful way, with existing and potential customers. But that’s not all Salesforce can do for you. As you may know, Salesforce is equipped with a variety of analytic tools designed to help grow your business. Integrated services …

Marketing Automation What is it and How Does it Work

Marketing Automation 101: What is it and How Does it Work?

If you work in marketing, chances are you know the term ‘marketing automation.’ But could you explain what it is to a co-worker in the elevator? Probably not. The truth is, marketing automation is a tough concept to grasp in just a few sentences. The best place to start is with an authoritative definition. According to Wikipedia, “marketing automation refers …

5 Rules for a Successful Salesforce Administrator

The complexity of Salesforce is the very reason why Salesforce Administrators exist. Salesforce Admins are experts at setting up the software and optimizing the system to generate valuable customer service data points specific to each company. While everyone takes a unique approach to the job, there are some fundamental technical strategies that define a successful admin. Here are five ‘rules’ …

When is it Time to Move My Small Business to Salesforce

When is it Time to Move My Small Business to Salesforce?

As a small business owner, you must know the importance of customer satisfaction. In and amongst all the daily challenges of running a business, it is easy to lose sight of your customer support network. Are a majority of your customers happy? Why or why not? What can you do to improve upon your customer experience rating? The fact is …

Using Salesforce to Automate Your Business Operations for Fast Growth

How to Automate Your Business Operations for Fast Growth

Small business owners are always looking for the fastest way to scale their business with automation. Operating on a tight budget with thin profit margins is exhilarating and challenging – but it also forces you to cut costs wherever possible. In 2018, automation is the most effective strategy for optimizing efficiency and achieving fast growth. With big data analytics and …

Customer Data: The Key to Success with Salesforce

5 Tips to Drive Sales Success with Customer Data

Salesforce is one of the most powerful and effective CRM’s on the market. If used effectively, it can drive sales in markets you thought were too tough to crack, or swing deals with clients who traditionally went with a competitor. Prospective customer data is collected, organized, updated with each new development, and shared across departments – providing actionable metrics for …

We Support Your Business You Support Our Veterans

Cloud Co-Op Opens Veteran Powered Help Desk to Support Salesforce Community

Cloud Co-Op is expanding its commitment to helping military veterans transition into the workforce, through its Vets2Cloud™ apprenticeship program that provides on-demand, fractional support to Salesforce clients. This help desk is staffed by former military veterans looking to transition into full-time careers as Salesforce administrators and developers.

Lightning Components in Salesforce

A Beginner’s Guide to Building Lightning Components in Salesforce

The possibilities of what you can build with Salesforce Lightning are endless. But there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about what a Lightning Component is and how complicated or simple they are to build. Once you begin to understand Lightning Components you will begin to better understand Salesforce itself.